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Cooking Vegetables

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Vegetables that are good boiled or steamed can be absolutely wonderful roasted instead.

You want to cut them into identical-sized pieces so they cook evenly, then toss them with a little melted butter or olive oil, salt, pepper, and perhaps a little minced garlic or an herb such as oregano or thyme. If you're going to steam them, bring a pot of water to a good boil and then place your steamer basket over the water and put the lid on.

When they're done roasting you might like to drizzle a little fresh lemon juiice or balsamic vinegar over them. If they're steamed you may want them with butter or mayonnaise.

Vegetable Steaming Time Roasting Temperature Roasting Time Notes
Asparagus 90 seconds 450F 8–10 minutes Use fat spears
Green Beans 5–6 minutes 400F 20 minutes  
Broccoli 5–6 minutes 425F 18 minutes
Broccolini 3–4 minutes 350F 15 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 6–8 minutes 425F 20–25 minutes Trim them, cut them in half, and give them a stir after 15 minutes of cooking
Cauliflower 5–6 minutes 425F 30 minutes Cut into florets, cook for 20 minutes, stir, sprinkle generously with grated parmesan and roast 10 more minutes.
Mushrooms 10–15 minutes 350F 35–40 minutes
Parsnips 5–15 minutes 425F 30 minutes Cut them into 2" sticks and stir them around half-way through