Diablo 2 rune values expressed as multiples of the El rune

I was going to write something cute about people having trouble with arithmetic here, but it is unwise to make fun of the emperor, if you remember the story about the Chinese wise man who invented chess for the emperor and asked for one grain of rice on the first square as his reward, two grains of rice on the second square, four grains of rice on the third square, eight on the fourth, and so on.

For those of you who save every rune to cube them up, just look at those numbers.

El 1
Eld x 33
Tir x 39
Nef x 327
Eth x 381
Ith x 3243
Tal x 3729
Ral x 32,187
Ort x 36,561
Thul x 319,683
Amn x 359,049
Sol x 3177,147
Shael x 3531,441
Dol x 31,594,323
Hel x 34,782,969
Io x 314,348,907
Lum x 343,046,721
Ko x 3129,140,163
Fal x 3387,420,489
Lem x 31,162,261,467
Pul x 33,486,784,401
Um x 26,973,568,802
Mal x 213,947,137,604
Ist x 227,894,275,208
Gul x 255,788,550,416
Vex x 2111,577,100,832
Ohm x 2223,154,201,664
Lo x 2446,308,403,328
Sur x 2892,616,806,656
Ber x 21,785,233,613,312
Jah x 23,570,467,226,624
Cham x 27,140,934,453,248
Zod x 214,281,868,906,496

Last modified 2006-06-18