Thoughts on Alb Magic in Elex II

Alb magic is a pretty neat concept in Elex 2, but its implementation leaves much to be desired. At low levels it is pretty much useless, but as you ramp up, elements start to become quite powerful. Unfortunately the cost is prohibitive on two levels.

Take the spell Blizzard as an example. You can only put one point in it, and then its damage scales up as you put points in Ice Fist

Ice Fist damage values also scale with Intelligence
Ice Fist Level12345
Ice Fist damage4575150225300
Ice Fist Int. Req.2540557085
Ice Fist Con. Req.1525354555
Blizzard damage1803006009001200

You can use Blizzard to replace carrying a shield altogether—anything that gets close gets frozen and, at the highest level, usually dead. Unfortunately it takes too long to cast and, to get it up to where it is really useful, you have to invest one learning point in Blizzard and five points in Ice Fist, and you have to raise your Intelligence level to eighty-five. This is scarcely an effective use of the points so desperately needed for your constitution (i.e., to stay alive), and either strength or dexterity to make use of the best melée or ranged weapons.

You only get one level of the Healing spell and, although that can be quite useful, nevertheless I can't help feeling your points are better spent in the Survival skill-tree and getting Health Regeneration. It's also really easy to amass a fair quantity of healing potions of a level suitable to yours, stick them on a hot-key, and guzzle them whenever necessary. It takes a couple of seconds, but so does the spell.

Ice Fist and its Chain Lightning partner have very disappointingly short range. Fully powered up, they do a decent amount of damage if you can get close enough to land any at all, but, again, the required level of Intelligence is prohibitive. Just using the spell for melée combat does work well enough, but it's no substitute for a good blaster, kid.

Where the whole system really falls down is Elex Harvesting. Your supply of magical energy, Mana, or Elex in this game, maxes out at 200 and you can burn through it quite quickly; the real drag is that harvesting from any creature, be it lowly critter or awful ice troll, gains you a meagre 10 points. So you need to kill 20 trolls to replenish all your Elex, and I assure you it will take more than one full charge to take down 20 trolls.

Again, although you can use Elex and Dark Elex out of your inventory, neither one replenishes your Elex level. Another annoyance is that, unlike in any other game, you can't recoup this energy by sleeping, although you can revisit already looted corpses, if they're still there, to recover magical energy if you didn't harvest it from them already, because your tank was full at the time.

All in all, you just can't use Alb magic in place of anything else. It requires you to use another method for kills to make up your inevitable Elex shortfall every time you use it, so you're better off spending your points on something else. Be an Alb for the rôle-playing, but just skip the magic and max out your ranged or melée skills.