Thoughts on Berserker Magic in Elex II

Unlike Alb magic, Berserker magic is da bomb in Elex 2. The numbers for Flaming Bow damage are given after subtracting the bonus given by Intelligence.

Fireball—They call it Flaming Bow but it's every wizard's favourite toy, the Fireball—YAY! You can't really aim it precisely, it either homes in or it flat misses. Don't try leading a target moving across your field of view—you will almost certainly miss, but if the beast is charging you, you will probably not. It takes a little practice to figure out how best to use it, particularly against airborne targets, but once you do, it's a powerful tool. Note that once you have a fireball teed up ready to go, there's no way not to cast it.

Rain of Fire—You can only put one point in it, then its damage scales with additional points spent on Flaming Bow. It rains down huge amounts of destruction on all around you, usually killing everything. It is centred on you, moves with you, and doesn't damage your companions. It's great if you get swarmed, but it doesn't work indoors, or in the Morkons' arena, although it does work inside Formers.

FireWave—Another one-pointer that scales with Flaming Bow really does do away with the need for a shield. Fire it off when surrounded and, not only does everyone take quite a bit of damage, they are knocked back and knocked down.

If you combine your use of Firewave and Rain of Fire even at low levels, you're pretty unstoppable.

Note that you may gain a small increase in your destruction quotient if your Rain of Fire or Firewave should happen to kill a few innocent snow hens or such. You can also start a huge fight by using these against one hostile person in the middle of a crowd of non-hostiles.

Flaming Bow damage also increases with Intelligence
Flaming Bow Level12345
Flaming Bow Damage4575150225360
Flaming Bow Int. Req.2540557085
Flaming Bow Con. Req.1525354555
Rain of Fire Damage223775112150
Firewave Damage90150300450600

Mana Fist is a decent, if somewhat erratic, melée option. Again, practice improves this greatly.

Mana Shield works just like a regular shield if, and only if, you have Fire Fist equipped; just block and it's there.

Mana Aura is not that great; it's another one-pointer and its damage scales as you put points in Fire Fist, but it can give you a nice edge against the likes of Batulga.

Firs Fist damage also increases with Intelligence
Fire Fist Level12345
Fire Fist Damage4575150225360
Mana Aura Damage223775112150

Whereas with Alb magic you have a constant struggle not to run out of energy, with Berserker magic that is not a problem. You can put mana potions, which are quite plentiful, on a hotkey or recover your mana energy between fights by simply having a snooze. It does make things a little harder at first, but you can neglect weapon skills and concentrate on building up your Berserker magic skills as a fun alternative.