Unique Weapons in Elex II

The weapons are presented in their categories in increasing order of damage dealt. Mostly this corresponds with the increasing level of requirements to wield the weapon. If there is a petition to order them elsehow, I will certainly consider it.

Note that the requirements (two of four: strength, dexterity, constitution, or intelligence) change from one category to the next.

The figures for requirements (except in the case of shields, for which the numbers do not change) are given as xx/yy, where xx is the value that applies before you take the appropriate Specialist perk, and yy is what the requirement is reduced to by the perk.

The figures for Damage are given as xx/yy, where xx is the value that applies when you have no perks or bonuses from your stats, and yy the value when you have maxed level perks for that weapon type, three points in Lone Wolf and all stats at 100. You will never see this base value, as a starting character already has a +2 bonus to both melée and ranged damage.

Depending on your level, perks, and stats you will find the numbers differ somewhat. Most perks give you an extra 10 points of damage per level, but the energy, powder, and projectile mastery perks give 20. None of these stats affects the heavy weapons.

The numbers NSE&W represent the number of the larger squares (i.e., those containing four very faint squares) you can see when you zoom the map all the way in.

One-Handed Weapons—Cutting
Name Type Str. Req. Dex. Req. Damage Location
The Razor Longsword 56/50 38/34 80/195 + Fire Car Repair Shop 13E of the Tomsontown North Teleporter
Hero's Call Axe 58/52 39/35 85/202 + Fire Industrial ruins 3 squares W 2 square N from Old Factory Teleporter
The Butter Knife Katana (not really) 64/58 45/41 105/227 + Poison Quest Item Obtained from Lasse in the Fort
Troll Reaper Axe 82/74 63/57 196/346 + Lightning Top of the Lighthouse (easy Jet job)
The Cutter Bastard Sword 82/74 63/57 243/402 + Lightning Boss Chamber in Epsilara
One-Handed Weapons—Bashing
Name Type Str. Req. Con. Req. Damage Location
Thumper Mace 48/43 24/22 37/139 + Poison In the Road 3E 2N of the Abandoned Farm Teleporter
Grinder Mace 79/71 42/38 148/283 In a Small Depression in the Snow 2W 3N from Crater Cliff Teleporter
Name Type Str. Req. Con. Req. Damage Reduction Location
Steel Net Spiked Shield 50 37 100% Building in Tomsontown 2E 2S of the Central Teleporter
Guardian Alb-style Shield 65 49 100% Control Room in Betara
Two-Handed Weapons
Name Type Str. Req. Con. Req. Damage Location
Hacker Axe 63/57 32/29 84/200 11W 2S of Tavar Mountains Teleporter or 8N of Epsilara Teleporter (Patrons & Slime Drakons, oh my!)
Basher Mace 75/68 27/24 131/261 + Bleeding By Some Boxes by the Roadside 2W 2S of Mararcor Pass Teleporter
The Executioner Axe 99/89 54/49 333/524 On an Icy Pond 5E of Ignadon Old Converter Teleporter (Ice Troll)
Steam Hammer Hammer 100/90 40/36 369/571 Atop a Pillar of Rock in the Middle of a Lava Pool 5W 1N of the Volcano Company Premises Teleporter (did I mention the Cyclopses?)
Ranged Weapons—Bows
Name Type Dex. Req. Str. Req. Damage Location
Fang Crossbow 15/14 15/14 25/150 Guard Tower Just N of the Fort Teleporter
Seeker War Bow 48/43 31/28 106/253 Top of Rat's Tower (Jet job needs 7 Fuel)
The Phantom Caller Bow 85/77 61/55 350/571 On an Icy Pond 1W 5N of the Ice Pass Teleporter, by an Ice Troll
Ranged Weapons—Energy
Name Ammunition Dex. Req. Int. Req. Damage Location
Bringer of Blessings Energy Cells 50/45 37/33 63/198 Small Unmarked Hut 3W 5S from South Carakis Field of Ruins
Calaan's Light Energy Cells 84/76 61/55 220/402 Atop the Tavar Old Converter (Jet job needs 9 fuel)
Ranged Weapons—Projectile
Name Type Dex. Req. Str. Req. Damage Location
The Master Blaster Grenade Launcher 20/18 20/18 52/157 Small Ruin 2W 4N of West Carakis Field of Ruins
Thunderclap Shotgun 65/59 65/59 230/415 Atop the Huge Skyscraper 1E 2S from Tomsontown Central Teleporter—supposedly possible without Jet Pack Mastery
Door Opener Grenade Launcher 60/54 60/54 296/474 3W 2N of Old Chemical Plant Teleporter
The Wrathful Grenade Launcher 81/73 81/73 576/838 In Church 6E 5N of Mararcor East Teleporter
Heavy Weapons
Name Type Dex. Req. Str. Req. Damage Location
Thunder Barrel Slugthrower 43/39 43/39 102/159 Dome 4W 2S of Southern Cliffs Teleporter
Firebreather Rocket Launcher 37/33 37/33 150/221 Industrial Ruins 7E 1S from the Fort Teleporter
Boom Boom Bye Bye Cannon 56/50 56/50 170/247 Immediately NE of the Tomsontown South Teleporter
Can Opener Rocket Launcher 68/61 68/61 344/473 Island just W of the Road Leading NE out of the Crater (Ware Troll!)
Death Stick Slugthrower 73/66 73/66 438/595 Skyscraper in NE Tomsontown (Jet job needs 46 Fuel)
Capt'n Spike Spear Gun 78/70 56/50 516/697 Just W of the Ignadon Old Converter
Sorrowbringer Rocket Launcher 83/75 83/75 616/827 Boss Chamber in Deltara