A List of All the Stat-Boosting Items in Vampire:The Masquerade—Bloodlines
Current with Werner Spahl's Plus Patch version 11.1
Where/When Item Benefit For whom
Prolog or buy from Trip Lockpick Enables picking locks All
Santa Monica apartment #505 (was #507) Book Stealth 1–2 All
Hospital Office Book Computer 1–2 All
Carson's Apartment Book Firearms 1–2 All
Ocean House Hotel Book Dodge 1–2 All
First visit to Last Round Convo with Nines Brawl 1–3 All
Fat Larry's Trafik quest reward Discount Finance 1–3 All
Downtown Haven Galdjum *Passives +25% *All other clans
Skyeline Apt #2 Bedroom Book Melee 3 (skill) All
Jezebel Locke's room Book Brawl 3–4 All
Boris' bodyguards' room Book Finance 3–4 All
Last Round between the Dane and Grout Quests Convo with Nines Melee 4 (skill) All
Strauss after killing Bishop Vick Blood Star Blood Buff duration x2 All
Grout's library Weekapaug Thistle Defense feat +1 All
Grout's bedroom Tarulfang Frenzy check +1 All
Museum basement Book Security 3–4 All
End of the museum quest Convo with Beckett Scholarship 1–4 All
Pisha after giving her the Fetish from the museum Odious Chalice Stores 10 blood points All
Romero if you stand in for him Training Firearms 1–4 All
Strauss during the Gargoyle quest Rune of the Third Eye Damage from Gargoyles -? All
Strauss if you don't rat him out to Abrams Pearl of Dubai CHA +1 All
Tremere Haven Daimonori Thaumaturgy damage +40% Tremere
Re-constructed Library Braid Talisman Computer +1 All
King's Way upstairs Mummywrap Fetish **Healing rate +150% All
Isaac Abrams after King's Way quest Fae Charm DEX +1 All
After returning Bertram's CD Training Computer 1–4 All
Ground Zero Book Computer 5 All
Mr. Ox after eyes quest Heart of Eliza Melee +1 (Feat) All
Mr. Ox after bad luck farmer quest Antique Locket Security +1 All
Nosferatu Haven Zharalketh Obfuscate duration +40% Nosferatu
Mitnick for the library card Braid of the Eagle Perception +1 All
Fu Syndicate Book Melee 5 (skill) All
Giovanni study Book Dodge 5 All
Giovanni cellars Saulocept EXP gain +1 All
Pisha after giving her the Giovanni book Key of Alamut All soak ratings +1 All
Society of Leopold Book Firearms 5 All
    *Passives are: *i.e., not Tremere or Nosferatu
    Alas, not Celerity  
    **Item description says 25%