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Galleries from the Halloween Show at the Ranchotel Horse Center

horse horse horse
Halter & Showmanship Western Ranch Horses Western
horse horse horse
Western Equitation & Pleasure Costume Hunter Hack
English Equitation & Pleasure

We'd like to say we're sorry for not taking pictures during the last few classes; there was just too much dust in the air for effective photography.

On each page you will find two sets of pictures. The vast majority of the pictures have been cropped to 8"x10". These are available as 5"x7" or 8"x10" prints. At the bottom of each page, below the line you will find a few pictures that we did not feel able to crop to this size without causing the picture to lose much of its impact. These pictures have been left as full frame, and are, as such, only available as 4"x6", 8"x12", or 10"x15" prints.

There were just so many decent shots from the western classes that we had to split them up over five pages, so watch for the little numbers at the bottom of the pages. The full frame shots here are on the last page.

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